Phones, “The Hot Infinix”

If you are tired of buying phones like every year then this is for you. Phones have become part of our daily company, very close than a relative, closer than a husband or wife. In fact nowadays people are so cautious with their phones, they tend to monitor who touches it, for what purpose and for how long.

Choose infinix as your best phone in simplicity of use, with clear camera that keep the best memories of all times. Take videos of your partying events with unlimited storage. At infinix, a single sim card is not enough, at least two so as to personalise as private and office simcard.

Such no further, Jumia is here with you, with the best deals and platform for you to compare and they will deliver it to your doorstep at no extra cost……!

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Watches and make-up.

For men a watch makes a women feel the eager to get that hand on her, touch and catch. It give any woman a second look to the man, makes her want to almost own you in every moment that you shake your hand, walk update people on time. It’s generally the man’s pride.

Women make up gives glamour to men, gives confident and courage in every step that a woman takes. On the sun, good make-up should not be wiped by sweat.

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The 2017 that “never be” for Trump

I just posted this message to US President Donald Trump on the White House contact page… Surely even your arrogance can see the world thinks you’re a man child. Stamping your feet and shouting when you don’t get your way. A real leader deserves and should expect the respect that comes with the great officeΒ […]

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